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<p>Combining math, deckbuilding, and turn-based tactics sounds like a recipe for potential disaster, and yet Calculords' unique blend was a surprising success, earning a Silver Award when it released. Now humor writer-turned-game developer Seanbaby is back with a much expanded sequel in Calculords 2: Rise of the Shadow Nerd, currently on Kickstarter.</p><p>The basic concept is still the same: build your deck of galactic heroes, use math to get the needed sum to play cards, and stack your cards in lanes to stack their strengths and buffs. Calculords 2 will introduce new cards, bosses, abilities, land races, but the biggest addition are commanders. Each commander offer special team-wide buffs and skills, letting you create diverse strategies</p><p>While the obvious GIF shows a work-in-progress look at the game, you can see the vibrant hand-drawn art that will replace the original's pixels. You'll even be able to customize the appearance of your fighters, which will make your deck stand out in the Calculords 2's PvP multiplayer battles</p><p>Calculords 2 has 20 days left in its Kickstarter campaign and is currently 18% funded. The game is slated to release on iOS and Android in 2017 if successfully funded.</p>.

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