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<p>Football Drama is a satirical take on both management and the football industry as a whole. You'll play as a manager with a shady past that will come back to haunt him whilst he tries to lead his team to greatness. Football Drama is available now for both iOS and Android.</p><p>Rocco Galliano is the new manager of a team called Calchester Assembled, returning after a 7-year hiatus from coaching. The owner of the club Boris Aluminovitch decides to give you a chance, though he seems eager to sack you given the opportunity.</p><p>So it's a narrative-driven football management game it seems. Off the pitch, you'll make various conversational choices that can lead to your eventual sacking if you make poor decisions. In-game these decisions fall under karma or chaos, though that system can also apply on the pitch too.</p>.

GAME NAME Farm Milk Day

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com.sigmateam.Farm Milk

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