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<p>It's rare that we get personal games on iOS, and even rarer that they blend interaction with storytelling in a meaningful way.</p><p>So DivCircle, a game that achieves this much, certainly deserves some recognition.</p><p>It was created by Amidos Games for the Arabic Game Jam 2014, and then expanded upon. The theme of the jam was "invisibility," which Amidos brings a personal spin to.</p><p>"The game is about diversity and feeling different from society and trying to hide all the time," developer Ahmed Abdel Samea told us.</p><p>The game starts with the screen split horizontally by two bold panels of colour, one black and the other white. There's a statement in the middle that reads:</p><p>"You are different but afraid to stand alone. So go on, touch the screen and rotate, so you can blend with others.".


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